Games I Have Made

Roll and Write Games

Paper Pinball

1+ players. Relive the glory of the arcade! Paper Pinball is a series of lightning fast games that print out on a single page. Roll two dice and write the total in one of the targets. It sounds easy enough, but the game gets trickier with each space filled in. Complete sets of targets to unlock scoring bonuses and the coveted Multiball! Play solo to try and beat your high score, or play head to head with a friend.

Two seasons of Paper Pinball are currently available. The Full seasons are available on, while individual tables are up on PNP Arcade. While there are some differences in mechanics, naming conventions and scoring between seasons one and two, the broad strokes are the same.

Season One offers seven tables: Wolf Hackers, Laser Sisters, Sherwood 2146, Chromastodon, Championship Boogerball, Goblin Circus, and Sorcery School Sleuths plus an additional 25 artless tables in The Paper Pinball Holiday Gauntlet.

Season Two offers ten tables so far: Wave Wizard, Squishington Goes to Venus, Fight Back the Winter, Space Marines VS Dragons, Ski93, Cretaceous Skate Park, Mall Bats, Boss Battle, Miasma, and Little Ghost, with two more on the way.

Legends of Dsyx

1 player. Dwarven miners, Goblin pirates, Wizard contractors. Each installment of Legends of Dsyx offers a glimpse into the lives of people in a fantasy realm. Each game is unique, but connected by their size - a single sheet of paper, rules included - and their components - some six-sided dice and a pencil.

There are twelve games in the Legends of Dsyx series, available from PNP Arcade: Hall of the Dwarven King, Tower of Mages, Spellcraft Academy, Guns, Goblins and Grog, Dragonvault, Seascrapers, Fairy Fair, Derelict Dirigible, Lockpicks, Gryphon Delivery Service, Mushroom Ale, Titans of Dsyx

Dust and Void

1 player. You are the only crew of a tiny comet mining vessel in the kuiper belt. For generations your people have been building Cathedral, the interstellar craft that will bring the last humans born in a gravity well to their new home. However, your concerns are less on the grand designs of the high clergy, and more on meeting your quotas so you can keep your ship. And maybe taking care of yourself if you're not too tired.

Dust and Void is available in volume 1 of the Dice And Ink anthology, and as a PDF on Inkwell Games' website


1+ players.

Bittyburg is available Print on Demand at Gamecrafter, and as a PDF on

Racing Stars

Race for the fate of the earth against the minions of Queen Destructa. Each turn roll 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 and 1d12, assigning each to a member of your team. Use drafting, drifting and each racer's unique skills to eke out some crucial extra speed while defeating the monsters that litter the track.

Right now, there is a single track available on PNP Arcade, and I'm pretty happy with it. There's room to make more content, so I guess stay tuned?

(In Production)

Daydream Dungeons

Paper Putt

Card Games

Arcane Bakery Clash

Arcane Bakery Clash was published by Button Shy Games. It is currently available as a PDF from PNP Arcade

Starship Babel

Rock, Rock Rock, Rock Rock Rock

(In Production)

Build a Better Bot

Ginetic Mutants


Village Royalty


Role Playing Games

Auntie Sassafras

Colouring Book Dungeons


Cyberwolves was made for Brouhaha Games' Postcard Collection 1

(In Production)

A Thief in Death's Realm

Video Games

Crime Constellations

Bubble Lagoon


For The Trees

Minimal Haze


Morino Monster

Play These Games With a Mouse

Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

Psychic Knife Fight

Seasons of Fortune

Space Omelets

(In Production)

Boost Ready

Pushing Forward

Rocs on Ice

Games I've Illustrated

Roll Estate

Tempus Quest

Tempus Quest